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Lake Isle Retreats is a business owned by Tim McEvitt, who hosts retreats in conjunction with a group of friends who are self-employed therapists and facilitators. We've been hosting spiritual retreats at Upper Lough Erne, County Fermanagh since 2006.


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Tim left his Dublin home at 18 to become a Krishna monk, which was initially a bit of a shock to his family, but now everyone is happy!

 He trained at Bhaktivedanta Manor temple near London, and then lived in the temple on Inish Rath Island for 8 years. While in the temple he studied Vedic philosophy from the ancient Sanskrit texts such as Bhagavad Gita and the Bhagavat Purana, plus he learned kirtan-yoga - sacred chant music.


As a tender 15-year old Carmen was brought to the Krishna temple by her father, and she soon enrolled as a full-time member. The head monk was an expert cook and she kindly requested him to teach her the secrets of Eastern spicing. Instead he had her wash the pots for months! (Remember the scene from the Karate Kid movie?! Whitewash the fence...) After learning patience and humility (and getting efficient at pot-washing) she began to learn techniques of Indian cookery. When several visiting Swamis tasted her cooking over the years, they blessed her cooking to always be amazing, and it seems it's turned out that way, as cooking is about love and consciousness - as well as expertise. Carmen is our chef, and she teaches people cookery.


Elizabeth Elizabeth Whitehead

"Of all the people I've had massages from over the past 20 years, Elizabeth was the best ever. She stood out particularly as an enthusiastic bright light and a very informed therapist. A real star star", wrote one guest.

Need we say anything more...?! Well, just that Elizabeth can do any kind of massage you can think of, and she's just so pleasant and reliably cheery all the time.




Sukhada Repass has her own practise near the shores of Upper L.Erne called Ray of Light. She enjoys helping people through reiki energy healing, sound therapy, Indian head massage and reflexology. She is Mum to three lively and energetic children, two of whom were born in the State of Vermont,
 USA during their time there. Sukhada has deep enthusiasm and faith in energy healing.



FrancesOne experiences gentle joy on coming into the presence of
Frances McHugh, an expert Tai Chi teacher. She graduated from the Irish College of Traditional Chinese medicine in 1996, postgraduate training in the Nanjing Railway Hospital that same year, and graduated in medical Qi-kong in 2009. She gets many a retreat off to a flying start by slowing down the guest and drawing him or her into deep rejuvenation.


Nanda-yogi Nanda Kumar is a yoga teacher and a great guy who we're delighted to welcome as many times as possible in a year. He annually spends several months in India perfecting his practise, and he's completed multiple teacher training programmes. He founded Govinda-Yoga in Dublin, which continues to operate classes when he's globe-trotting around the world.


ChrissieChrissie is originally from Germany, but she has been so long in Ulster she has the local accent! She's a Yoga teacher, a tour guide and a nice person. She travels Ireland in coaches assisting German-speaking tourists with their holiday. But back in Fermanagh we like to invite her to share her unique yoga tips on our retreats. She trained in Doi Saket, Thailand with a school which traces it's lineage back to Paramahamsa Madhavadasji, in the line of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. 


PadmaPadma is a first-class yoga teacher who as well as being experienced with the physical postures, deeply understands the essence of the subtle side of yoga. She lectures on yoga philosophy, wisdom and history in a gentle, easy-to-listen-to fashion, and in conversation she's listens and respects the other person attentively. In the mid-nineteen nineties she served as an ISKCON Temple President, and she currently also works as a teacher in a guru-kula (a Krishna primary school) near London. 


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Lake Isle Retreats is affiliated with Govinda's Vegetarian Restaurant, 83 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1; Govinda's Vegetarian Restaurant, 4 Aungier Street, Dublin 2; and ISKCON Ireland Ltd, 83 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1 - charity no. 6368 (in the Republic of Ireland).

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