Corporate Retreats

  • Unique team-building experience
  • Improve productivity
  • Enhance and encourage warm interpersonal relationships
  • Make your business the one that the best people want to work for
  • The Feel Good factor for you and everyone around you

corporate world

It's a tough world out there. Business can often be based on a degree of over-exploitation of people and natural resources for profit. For example, we might be sourcing products from certain Asian or African countries produced by people working long hours for little return, under a government with a bad human rights record, who are allowing the forests to be recklessly cleared and the waters to be polluted.


Gradually, through education, we are all becoming a little aware of 'Fair trade', 'Sustainably managed resources', 'organic' and 'eco-friendly', etc.

Our non-sectarian spiritual and holistic retreats are a wonderful secret that your business is waiting to discover. You and your team will relax, rejuvenate, learn, grow and explore together. To find out more Contact us or check out the options in Personal Retreats for small groups up to ten people.


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