Terms and Conditions

Re. Individuals

Full refund of deposit if you inform us at least 30 days before the start of the retreat that you can't make it. Within 30 to 21 days before retreat we can transfer your deposit to another retreat coming up within 12 months (from the date of cancellation). If you inform us you can't come with 21 days or less to the start of the event your deposit is not refunded, however you don't have to pay the full amount for the retreat. This is - unfortunately - because one result of your non-attendance is that someone else cannot attend the event. 

This is standard policy in the yoga / meditation retreat 'industry'. Many (other) retreats - who are providing wonderful services - would require full payment of a retreat if you don't turn up, or cancel a few days before the event.



Why would we want to ask for a deposit?

We have a retreat taking place August 2-4, for example. The retreat is fully booked two weeks before the start date. Deirdre has booked a single room (which anyway can hold two people). 11 days before the event Peter and Kate would like to come, but they can't as Deirdre is booked to occupy that room with the double bed. 7 days before the event something comes up and Deirdre can't come. So she cancels. But at this stage Peter and Kate have made other plans for this weekend. So - unfortunately - they can't come and attend our retreat.

Then on the morning of the retreat the two sisters, Ciara and Sinead are planning to attend this same weekend. However Sinead falls ill, so they both decide not to come. At this stage there are four people who would have wanted to come, but it's much too late to let them know. 

To maintain the retreat centre, a certain cash-flow is needed. On August 5th Tim (of Lake Isle Retreats) has to go into Enniskillen and lodge the rent for the 5-bedroom 4 bathroom lakeside house used for our retreats. Although rented from a good friend who supports our retreats (and a former temple president of the temple on Inis Rath Island), this friend has an art gallery close to Trinity College in Dublin City Centre and the rents are enormous! So he's just not in a position to give discounts. Plus the people who sell us the cooking gas, the wood logs for heating, the heating oil, the electricity, the food, the plastic for the polytunnel where we grow some food, the advertising, the plumber who comes to fix things - and so on - despite the fact that we provide very holistic and spiritual retreats - they still don't give us any discounts! And we wouldn't expect them to either...


So we hope this makes things a bit clearer for people wondering about this kind of thing.


























Re. Bookings made by Organisations

Your pre-payment of 400 euro (or pounds sterling equivalent) has saved the weekend or period in question for you exclusively. As a pre-payment, it cannot be refunded. However, you don't owe us anything extra - your €400 is the maximum amount due, even when we've lost out by having put the weekend in question aside for you.


Re. Vouchers

Vouchers are non-refundable but transferable to anyone that the owner chooses. Once a retreat is booked with a voucher, the same terms apply as if the retreat had just been booked in the standard way.


Re. Vehicles in Car park

Car owners on our retreats are welcome to leave their vehicles in the car park outside the retreat house. You will be based approximately 15 metres from your car. Please be aware we can't be responsible for any theft, damage, break-ins, etc.





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