Exotic Vegetarian Cookery

Learn how to create delicious vegetarian cuisine. In our cookery classes you are shown how to combine healthy produce with aromatic Indian spices. Impress friends and family and literally spice up you whole life. Vegetables, grains, rice, beans, fruits and dairy products are combined in a myriad of different ways to produce tasty delicacies.


For better of for worse, the main cultural influence visible in the world today comes from Europe (or Euro-American). Now, when Europeans first started travelling around the world in ships just over 500 years ago, India was top of the list as a port of call. And what was one of the main reasons for travelling to India initially: spices!

Tired of slabs of meat and bread, the competing aspiring little empires of Europe were collectively thinking: well, if we're going to conquer the world and teach tribes of natives everywhere about culture, we'll have to improve our own diets. Word caught on that wealthy India was the place to be for food.

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Learn how to make the likes of:

1. Vegetarian curry of various kinds (we prefer the term 'subji')

2. A variety of tasty basmati rice dishes

3. Breads like chapati, puri, etc.

4. Samosas, pakoras, and so on.

5. Halava and sweet creamed rice

6. Exotic salads

7. Kitchari

8. Paneer (curd cheese)


Two points to note: (1) ingredients may be sourced in any modern supermarket, and (2) the preparations we make are generally fairly simple to re-create yourself when you go back to your own homes. Plus you are either provided printed recipes of what you learn, or you are encouraged to take notes during certain classes - this helps you to have your thinking cap on.



above: Picture 1 - Champa (aka Carmen) and Picture 2 - Syamananda teach cookery 


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