Our Power Yoga  class is a set which is doable beginners, that will also be enjoyed by people with some yoga  experience. It is a yoga mini work-out. Atma Power Yoga helps to stretch and tone muscles, improves posture and balance, plus it's good fun. The exercises are fairly doable by the majority of people, but if you can't quite stretch into certain asanas, there is an easy-going mood. Everyone is encouraged to practise only according to their own ability. We provide the Yoga mats, so if you've never done even ten seconds of yoga in your life and have no equipment or anything, all you need is yourself, some light clothes and a little enthusiasm.

Atma Power Yoga is practised with a breathing count from start to finish, which adds a dynamic aspect to the class, and each class ends with a gentle relaxation sequence (after you've done the hard work!).

Local yoga teachers Gertie Lynch and Lisa McCabe join us regularly on retreats. Lisa's website is:


yoga inis rath

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