What to expect at our Retreat Centre

"It was much more than I expected. I was expecting a less fulfilling weekend and it has turned out to be very much more..."


Retreat House Rules

 old tree crom estateWe don't allow the eating of non-vegetarian foods, defined according to the Vaishnava tradition from India as no meat, fish or eggs.

image: retreat guests pass by the Old Yew at the nearby Crom Estate




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Bits and Pieces

After rainy weather some woodland paths on Inis Rath Island get muddy in places, so bringing an extra pair of footwear or walking shoes may be an idea for these times. We do not have TV; remember the old days when people sat beside the open wood-fire and told stories? Well, welcome back to the good old days. Mind you, we often show an interesting documentary related to spirituality on Saturday evening. The schedule on retreats is generally quite jam-packed with activities and classes. However, if you skip something here is what you may be doing otherwise:

Your time on our retreat is meant for you to re-experience the simple things in life. Remember when houses only had one TV and you did more reading? You can chat, read, or go for moon-light walks in the evening. You are welcome to go outside any time of the day or night and hear and experience nature in the woodlands by the lake.

Hi Tim, I feel I have a new lease of life since coming home from the retreat. I think the cook book would be a real good idea, or a journal style book...It's such a nice place and I would definately like to go again, Kind regards,

Aoife (email sent after attending a Mind Body Spirit retreat)


On retreat, there is a big family mood. In this spirit, we appreciate when people offer to do small services. You will not be asked to help in any way at any time - Don't worry: you're also on a mini-holiday! However generally most people are at least expected to help by washing their own plate after meals. This is referred to as karma-yoga on yoga retreats. We appreciate any little help you can give like this very much.

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Temple Visiting Options

Every day of the year in the temple on the island there is a morning ceremony and meditation that you are very welcome to attend. One begins at 4.30am and the second at 7.00am. You are welcome to attend any service, if you like Read More
On nearly all retreats there is an option to go on the ferry boat to Inis Rath Island at 6.45am to attend the kirtan (music chant) from 7.00am and listen to some of the reading / talk from the Srimad Bhagavatam (an ancient text). For attending the 4.30am service in the temple you may phone the island the day before and that morning to request your ferry trip. The mangal arati ceremony and chant at this time is a wonderful experience.

For videos of temple special events, see here 


above: monk Ramay grows organic vegetables
in polytunnels on Inis Rath island