Prices in Sterling (GBP)

We ask for €100 (euro) deposit to book retreats. Currently our online credit card payment option is priced in Euro currency. If you are paying for your retreat in Pounds Sterling, we'll calculate the remainder as follows:

For example: Retreat priced at £200 (GBP). You pay your deposit online and on that day €100 is equivalent to £82 sterling (in this example). Therefore the remainder that we ask from you in sterling cash (or by cheque) when you arrive for the retreat is
£200 - £82 = £118.    

If you are paying your deposit by cheque or postal order you can choose how much you would like to send, either the sterling amount that €100 is equivalent to at that time, or you can round it up to £100 sterling for simplicity of numbers. 

Paying by Bank Transfer is another option. See details here


If you're not sure about anything, please inquire.

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